You can make a difference

Blossom Care Solutions is able to manufacture and distribute sanitary pads to girls at school from Grade 5 to 12, specifically in township and rural communities, at no cost to the girls themselves. As a beneficiary of the Blossom Beneficiary Programme, each girl will receive a pack of 10 pads per month for minimum period of a year.

The impact of the programme is seen in the number of pads distributed, and the number of young girls who are positively affected. The outcome is that they are then empowered to go to school while they are having their period, instead of missing school days, which begins, over time, to have a significant positive developmental impact.

Another important outcome is how the Blossom Care Solutions programme is starting to change behaviour and perceptions around menstrual hygiene in township and rural markets, in this way slowly helping to erode the social stigma issues still associated with menstruation in some parts of the country.

Learn more by downloading our detailed program information.